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“Confession Of Errors Is Like A Broom Which Sweeps Away The Dirt, And Makes The Surface Brighter And Cleaner.”


Establishing this school from 01 to 10+2 based on CBSE curriculum in the remote rural area of Khurda Karuwaili, the native village of MP Shri Rajesh Ranjan, under Kumarkhand Block, is the crying need of the hour. Sitting on the heaps of ravages, coupled with frequent onslaughts of flood and drought, this backward area is eagerly looking forward for emancipation and innovation. Being financially crippled, the people of this area cannot afford to send their wards to quality and value based schools at distant places in towns and cities.

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Rajesh Kumar Verma


ith great joy and happiness I would like to extend thanks to all the members of SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE UNIVERSAL SCHOOL as by their combined efforts this school came in to existence. School A word of English dictionary plays a vital role in the life of human beings.

It is a platform from which a child becomes a good citizen of the country. Keeping this view in mind the establishment of such a school like, SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE UNIVERSAL SCHOOL in Madhepura district became an essentially.

As we know that the function of the present day schools has undergone a great transformation in India since the advent of independence. We also need to bring about a change in our way of imparting education to children.

Education is the transmission of technical skills and cultural expression from one tradition to another. It should be our literary march equipped with discipline for this society of which we are the members.

Education is not worth the name if it doesn’t help an individual live harmoniously and in co-operation with the society.

At the last, I convey my thanks to all the people and well-wishers of SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE UNIVERSAL SCHOOL of Madhepura district for their co-operation.

“Sow An Act, And You Reap A Habit; Sow A Habit, And You Reap A Character; Sow A Character, And You Reap A Destiny.”


“The school endeavors to provide a broad education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased and intellect is formed. It aims at the all round development  of the pupil’s personality which reflects a synthesis of the spiritual values of the East and remarkable scientific achievements of the West.”




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“The Difference Between A Successful Person And Others Is Not A Lack Of Strength, Not A Lack Of Knowledge, But Rather A Lack In Will.”