Background Of The School

Establishing this school from 01 to 10+2 based on CBSE curriculum in the remote rural area of Khurda Karuwaili, the native village of MP Shri Rajesh Ranjan, under Kumarkhand Block, is the crying need of the hour. Sitting on the heaps of ravages, coupled with frequent onslaughts of flood and drought, this backward area is eagerly looking forward for emancipation and innovation. Being financially crippled, the people of this area cannot afford to send their wards to quality and value based schools at distant places in towns and cities.

The Schools run by the state government and local bodies are malfunctioning in the absence of teacher-pupil ratio, efficient teaching staff and required basic infrastructure. The need of the hour is to bring the people of this area in the main stream by imparting them the best education. It is worth mentioning that no school or college or a student becomes great because his teacher was a scholar but it is essential that the teacher adopt a unique & simple way of life and this becomes ideal for the students. This school not only emphasizes on imparting good education but also encourages students for creativity and ignites confidence and team sprite among them.

Main objectives of school
  1. Man making is the sole motto of school.
  2. School is inclined to the felling of universal brotherhood.
  3. school treats everyone equally and moving forward on the path of united global human society, our aim is to build a beautiful human society.
  4. School believes rooting out antisocial and inhuman social customs like caste, dowry, women exploitation, ceremonial acts and ultra-ostentation; so that humanity could be established in human society.
  5. School does not believe in narrow ideologies like religious chauvinism, superstition or miracles which give birth to discrimination and hatred in human beings.
  6. School will raise voice against any kind of exploitation (Physics, Mental or Spiritual).
  7. School is also running several tasks for the protection of environment.
  8. School will work upon saving energy and water.
  9. We believe in unity in humanity.
  10. School believes in the Science which could light the world and urges the world to move forward on the progress, prosperity and development.
  11. School is strictly against consumption of tobacco in any form or any other intoxicant.
  12. School is against the taking of life (animals) or violence to living beings.
  13. School will always be vigorous for social and economic development.
  14. School will not support indecent films, mindless reality shows, fashion shows, TV serials and vulgar music which widen the gap between family, society and individuals.
  15. Favoring the human values, establishing humanity will be the main goal of the school; so that the Physical, Mental and Spiritual growth of students could be achieved.